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As of today, we are Metyis
News, January 28, 2021A new global brand and a new visual identity that represents a key landmark in our long-term strategy.
Enabling companies to overcome their aversion to future News, January 28, 2021How Metyis will position companies to thrive in the new world.
Data-driven solutions that grant a competitive edgeNews, December 17, 2020Empowering organisations to access previously untapped business intelligence.
The coherence of strategy and e-commerceNews, January 28, 2021With a specialised team of e-commerce experts, Metyis assesses the needs, devises solutions and integrates new tools and resources into the sales operations of clients.
Powering PeopleNews, January 28, 2021The talent and HR analytics practice delivering human resources advisory services.
Innovation services that will lead through changeNews, January 28, 2021By facilitating the integration of software and service transformations across clients’ operations Metyis positions a wide range of companies to thrive in ever-changing business reality.
Designing the IoT formulaNews, January 28, 2021IoT is an enabler that drives accuracy in close coordination with business strategy. The domain bridges the divide between business and digital, and creates meaningful new opportunities for all.
One company One cultureWe integrate a variety of perspectives to produce dynamic works that are greater than the sum of their parts.
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One company one culture
The vibrant company that drives innovationNews, January 28, 2021An appetite for innovation brings us to create our own pathways, conceptualise strategies and deliver solutions by experimenting without hesitation.