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Our goal is to set direction and drive progress. This could vary from growth of revenue, customers, market share, and geographical expansion, realize mergers and acquisitions or post merger integration, to restructuring for profitability by optimizing functional areas such as supply chain, sales and finance.

At Y we do not believe in just writing a strategy paper or document. We believe understanding and articulating the strategy are just the first steps of achieving the objective. The process of creating acceptance, navigating through the maze of stakeholders, and more importantly getting the strategy executed are far more critical and complex parts of the equation. We strive to get it done by working closely with our partners through the whole process to achieve the objective –whatever that may be.

Key service areas

  • Growth
  • Entry and expansion
  • Value management & Portfolio optimization
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Route-to-market
  • Restructuring
  • Cost reduction & Productivity improvement
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Post merger integration
  • Supply chain & operations
  • Capital allocation
  • Equity story


Our ecommerce services is focused to achieve a higher customer satisfaction, enhanced loyalty, greater sales speed to market for our customers business.

Our services span across developing the strategy, increasing sales through customer experience and analytics, improving performance and stability, and expanding into new markets, both for B2C and B2B customer relationships. We also work with our partners on developing and implementing the complete ecommerce platform. This can be enabled through traditional implementation or managed services.

Key service areas

  • Ecommerce strategy
  • Omnichannel
  • Marketing & digital strategy
  • Customer experience and social
  • Customer and digital analytics
  • Campaign and resource management
  • Marketing insights and visualization
  • Content services
  • Media management


Digitalization has drastically changed our world over the past years. Online platforms, personalized marketing, real-time dashboards. The next round of digital developments has already entered our business space. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics.

At Y we believe that a bespoke and distinct strategy in the digital arena should be the starting point. Bringing the business owners and the data & technology experts closer together, redesigning business processes, building new capabilities and redefining the roles & responsibilities are at least as important for sustainable results. As experienced partner in this journey we know what it takes and love to share this with you.

Key service areas

  • Digital enabled growth
  • Digital transformation
  • Customer and consumer insights
  • Data & social analytics
  • Omnichannel
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital supply chain management
  • Operating model
  • Organization structure
  • Digital technology & AI


Strategy led, people driven. We believe that people are the key differentiators and a source of competitive advantage for any organization. The most successful companies use human capital solutions to drive strategic change, innovation, effective merger integration and long term organisational efficiency.

At Y, we leverage analytics, research and insights to help design, shape and execute critical talent led programs which tie in directly to the business objectives and organization’s performance. We develop solutions that drive measurable improvements in the performance of people and entire organisations while maintaining a relentless focus on the desired outcomes.

Key service areas

  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Capacity & capability planning
  • Organization design and operating model
  • HR Analytics
  • Cost reduction & optimisation
  • HR Due diligence
  • HR process restructuring
  • Compensation restructuring
  • Talent and succession planning
  • Change management
  • Performance culture


At Y the word data is synonymous with the word insight. We strive to provide more and more insight to our partners through the data they collect and have – and there is a lot of data that our partners have that they are not aware of or simply not use.

Our services sprawl from the basic activities, finding and cleaning the data to make sense of it to building complex AI powered platforms. The objective remains simple – help our partners take better decisions based on facts, whether it has to do with pricing of their products, discounts they should give or understand customer and consumer behavior. We work with both B2C and B2B customers.

Key service areas

  • Pricing analytics
  • Sales & marketing analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Digital supply chain
  • Data engineering
  • Risk analytics
  • Fraud analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Demand forecasting
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