You and your partner are cordially invited to the 6th annual Y Christmas party

December 8th | 18:00
Dresscode: Black Tie



Nes 75-87
1012 KD Amsterdam
The Netherlands


We’d like to remind everyone that, just like every year, there is strict Black Tie dress code. This means tuxedo for men and cocktail- / floor-length dresses for women (if you want to wear a tux, please feel free). If your dress code knowledge regarding Black tie is a little rusty, you can brush up using a lovely thing called the internet: (for men click here) // (for women click here). If you do not attend galas 20 times a year and therefore do not feel like buying a tuxedo, there are many options in Amsterdam to rent one for the evening.


Additionally, for this year’s dinner, we have chosen a different approach to previous years. Dinner will not be served at tables, so no need to worry about table settings. Of course we will make sure that there are spots where you can rest your feet (both during dinner and when you are tired of busting out your best dance moves later in the evening).

Event Committee Fons, Walter, Yogen | Justin, Maureen